The Slovene professional Association of independent Pharmacists (SZLS) is a non-profit, independent professional association that on a voluntary basis brings together masters of pharmacy with a concession for performing pharmaceutical activity as a public service (pharmacists) with the aim of creating high-quality, safe and patient-oriented pharmaceutical activity in Slovenia which ensures that all residents of Slovenia have equal access to pharmaceutical services. The Slovenian Professional Pharmacists Association recognises the medical nature of the master of pharmacy profession and respects the pharmacist’s ethical commitment to care for patients. The Association strives to establish a social and legislative environment that provides pharmacists with professional and material independence and promotes the healthy competitiveness, progress and professional development of pharmaceutical activity.


Our vision is to ensure the high-quality, safe and effective supply of medicines according to the principles of pharmaceutical care for all patients. As top medical institutions owned by pharmacists, pharmacies will safeguard such supply and promote development and progress.

Tasks of the Association

  1. to prepare reports, opinions and proposals regarding the supply of medicines and other health-related products to the residents of Slovenia, and also regarding the dispensing of medicines and medical devices, education and training of pharmaceutical staff and other issues related to pharmaceutical activity;
  2. to actively participate in the formulation of laws and regulations governing pharmaceutical activity, medicines, planning of the network of pharmacies and pharmaceutical professionals as well as other regulations that affect pharmaceutical activity;
  3. to co-operate with pharmacies that are not members of the Association, with the pharmaceutical industry and chemist-wholesalers to ensure the high-quality supply of medicines;
  4. to work together with educational institutions on the formulation and implementation of educational and life-long learning programmes for pharmaceutical experts;
  5. to co-operate with professional pharmaceutical institutions with the aim of resolving pharmaceutical issues;
  6. to establish funds to help its members;
  7. for the needs of its members, to keep a record of regulations that govern pharmaceutical activity;
  8. to organise expert meetings, seminars and other types of expert training;
  9. to issue professional and informative publications for its members;
  10. to strive to ensure the quality of galenic and magistral formulae and other products that are sold in pharmacies, and promote activities aimed at increasing the quality of products and services in pharmacies;
  11. to provide professional consulting and prepare expert opinions related to pharmaceutical activity for its members, state agencies and other clients;
  12. to perform other tasks determined by the bodies of the Association.


On 29 September 2010, 27 members gathered at the first general meeting in Ljubljana.